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Fargo Marketing Services Ltd was founded in 1989 as the Chinese division of Fargo Group. Fargo Marketing Services Ltd. has been operating as a commercial bridge between Europe and China for the trade of advanced equipment and materials.

Our relevant and successful experience both in selling and purchasing has enabled us to build a large network and develop a strong knowledge of the Chinese market, with quality commitments. Representing our European principals in China, we have successful operations in aluminum casting equipment, agro food ingredients, hazardous waste incineration, laser technologies, printing presses, cigarette perforation and measurement units, and industrial sourcing. Our capacity and resources are enabling us to develop business within and beyond these industries.

In 2006, the head office of Fargo Marketing Services relocated from Hong Kong to Shanghai, the business heart of China. The business is organized into 3 major activities including projects development, distribution and industrial sourcing. It relies on 3 branch offices located in Shenzhen, Kunming and Beijing.

Employing more than 40 Chinese and European experts (both in engineering and sales), Fargo Marketing Services provides its partners with suitable and innovative solutions including customized products and equipment, logistics facilities and effective after-sales service.

Our greatest satisfaction is to know that you can rely on us.


Key Point :
  • Historical division from Fargo.
  • Fargo Marketing dedicated to China. "Gateway to China". Insist in china expertise.
  • Presentation of historical division, ( tobacco)
  • In constant evolution according to the new business opportunities in China.

    FMS main axes of development:
  • Distribution :
    - Agro Food ingredients and equipment
    - Cigarette measurement units
  • Project development :
    - Aluminum casting equipment
    - Hazardous waste incinerators system
    - Laser technologies
    - Printing presses machinery
  • Other :
    - Industrial sourcing,
    - Spare part services.
    Principals : Novelis PAE, Barriclean, Bio Springer, Groupe Francois Freres (Demptos, Foudrerie Joseph Francois), Fermentis, Metarom, Oenodev, Oenofrance, Partoeno, ATI Incinerateurs Muller, Rofin, Komori Chambon, JPB, Sodim Instrumentation
    Prestigious name such as :
  • China Southwest Aluminum Corporation, Xin Jiang JoinWorld Cooporation Ltd.
  • China Yuxi Cigarette Group , Shanghai Cigarette Group
  • Zhang Yu, Great Wall wine….
  • Zhong Shan Municipal government
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