1. In early 1999 the Fargo Group launched a new activity to cater for the needs of the Chinese elite after deep analysis of the market. When looking to equip their homes with both sophisticated and light furniture, lighting and other ancillary equipment, trendy Chinese home-makers choose Fargo Development network.
    Fargo started with the opening of the Ligne Roset shop in Beijing COFCO Plaza in June of 1999, which was enlarged to 400 m² in 2005.

  2. Under the drive of their partner Jianwei LI, Fargo started in 2004 a furniture making plant near Beijing.
    Situated 28 km away from Tiananmen Square the factory covers 14000m² and employs over 100 staff which produces entirely high quality collection sold by the HC28 shop.

  3. In 2007 Fargo launched its own luxury furniture brand HC28.
    Success came first with a total of 25 shops operated throughout Greater China by 2010.

  4. Early 2010 Fargo opened 2 first shops to distribute the Treca de Paris top of the art mattresses and beds.

Ligne Roset Shop in Beijing Hugues Chevalier shop in Beijing

Fargo’s sales of Ligne Roset furniture have achieved such an exceptional success in their first year that their Beijing shop is already a leader among the extensive network of Ligne Roset stores.
Fargo’s own collection HC28 is now sold throughout Greater China by a 24 shops network.

Summary of the five major factors of success :

  • Fargo’s skill in communicating with the Chinese elite, through the right channels, with the appropriate style and desired tone.
  • Fargo’s ability to assess and select the products which appeal to the tastes and the means of the target market.
  • Fargo’s sensitivity for selecting the appropriate locations in which to establish luxury stores which no trendy Chinese can afford to miss.
  • Fargo’s appointment of highly creative designers from Paris.
  • Fargo’s plant excellence at making HC28 furniture products
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