Established in 2004, Fargo Industrial started with a 5400 m2 plant. Over short two years, Fargo Industrial not only doubled the size and production scale, but also turned into a successful, quality-oriented furniture manufacturer trusted by top international furniture brands for its licenced production. In 2010 the plant with its 14000m2 is situated 28 km away from Tiananmen Square. It then moved in 2016 to Hebei province on a 50,000 m2 site.

  • The factory is led by its Franco-Chinese management and design team. It combines full understanding of culture, design and quality standards in the daily manufacturing system.
  • The craftsmen, with over 20-years' experience, have full technical support and strict supervision. They are highly skilled with in-depth knowledge of materials, beautiful detailing and demanding standards.
  • The factory is constantly enhancing production ability. The metal parts workshop makes special pieces for sofa feet and customized components. The dust free painting workshop makes a variety of more refined paint finishes possible.
  • The strong wood processing and cabinet work has the same high standards as top international furniture manufacturers. More and more attractive materials and colors are made available in order to enhance the product range.
  • Strict quality control measures are applied throughout the production process. Quality reviews are standardized from the selection of materials through to unit completion.
  • We provide customers with a unique offering: design co-ordination, shop drawings, procurement of high quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and competitive prices.

    In 2006, Fargo Industrial entered the local and international project market. For example, we supplied tables and chairs for the restaurants in the super luxury St. Regis Hotel, and sofas and coffee tables for the International VIP room for the Beijing CBD Forum. In 2010 Park Hyatt and Aman Resort have been supplied with many Fargo Industrial furniture pieces. With our high level of manufacturing excellence and experience, we bring superior quality at an affordable price to customers all over the world.

    However as a result of the success of its own HC28 range, most of the production is now geared towards supplying HC28 network of over 80 own stores throughout China and overseas.

    In 2016, Fargo's shares in Fargo Industrial, Fargo Development and HC28 were acquired by their co-founder of the furniture group, Mr. Li Jianwei who now leads the development of the group as its C.E.O. based in Beijing.


    Offering a newer, younger, trendier collection, HC28, created in 2006 by a multicultural team of experts in furniture design, distribution and production is poised to conquer the world of high-ended home furnishings. Francois Champsaur - HC28's creative director is a leading French interior designer with a view to creating a uniquely inspired and crafted contemporary range drawing from the best of the French and Chinese traditions and skills.

    Its collection combines the innovative designs of Francois Champsaur and other premier French designers with elite craftsmanship and traditional Oriental designs. Highly-skilled Chinese masters sculpt each piece of furniture into perfection. Only the finest quality materials - wood, steel, lacquer and leather - are used to create lovely pieces that are dressed in brilliantly hued lacquers. These functional pieces of art are sure to become classic collectables.

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