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The Fargo Group was established in 1980 in Hong Kong. It has evolved over the years into a diversified group of companies in the supply chain management, industrial agencies, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Fargo initially started its operation as a traditional Hong Kong trading house with its primary activities focused on the export of Chinese manufactured goods to Europe.

The significant industrial growth of China in the late eighties spurred Fargo into investing in the establishment of sales and distribution channels as well as after sales capabilities throughout China under the banner of Fargo Marketing Services. This company, operationally based in Shanghai through two wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (one of which has a manufacturing and assembling license) was tasked with meeting the growing demand for western equipment and technology. In December 2009, through a friendly bank assisted Management Buy-Out, the management of Fargo Marketing Services Ltd acquired control of the company, the original shareholders and directors remaining for a further period of 5 years.

In 1989, Fargo joined with the Thailand based Franco-Pacific group to form Fargo Franco Pacific Limited with a view to opening a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City as well as a manufacturing joint venture with Long An City. In 1993, Fargo created a wholly owned trading subsidiary for distributing equipment in Indochina: Farindo Trade Services. Since 2007, Farindo is independent from the Fargo Group and its management has a growing share of its capital along with some of the original shareholders.

Additional investment through the early nineties saw Fargo establishing a distribution network in the Telecom sectors in China, India, South Africa and Vietnam for wireless communication solutions (as a distributor of Sierra GSM modules, Coronis RF modules, eRide GPS modules and other leading vendors). Over the next 10 years, Fargo Telecom Group established several subsidiaries with specialized expertise: Maestro Wireless Solutions Ltd (modems and hard and soft solutions for vertical wireless applications), Smart Gears Ltd (technical and R & D services for the wireless sector) and in end 2009: Greenware Ltd (wireless management tools for remote assets in the sustainable development sector). In 2009, Maestro added a US West Coast office to its networks of 8 offices in Asia. The 50 odd distributors spread across the 5 continents.

Fargo Telecom Group was severely affected by the 2008/9 crisis in the telecom sector and as a result Fargo ceded control of the Telecom Group to HK listed Telefield group in 2011 which completed its acquisition in 2015 together with the historical French management team.

In 1994, Fargo founded Far East Lockers Ltd, operating a range of electronic luggage lockers in Singapore and Hong Kong International Airports, Kowloon station as well as Hong Kong and Macau ferry terminals, shopping malls and housing estates. Far East Lockers was the object of a friendly L.B.O. in 2011 and is still under the original management.

In the late nineties, further investments were made with a specific focus on the distribution and retailing of luxury goods in China. This was in anticipation of the growth in demand for high end products for the Chinese elite. Three segments were targeted: children wear with leading French brand: Jacadi, ladies lingerie with multibrand Innée stores importing leading brands from France and high end furniture with French leaders Ligne Roset and Hugues Chevalier. In 2007 and 2008, the Group sold its chains of Jacadi and Innée stores to concentrate on the booming Interior Design and Furnishing sector. Today Fargo Development Ltd operates over 80 exclusive outlets in Greater China under its own upper middle market HC28 range of French designed furniture manufactured in Fargo Industrial’s own factory near Beijing. In 2017 Fargo sold its shares of the furniture group to its original Chinese partner: Mr. Li Jian Wei.

In 2013, Fargo sold control of Fargo Textiles to the HK company Courts Ltd. Fargo Textiles business and management was subsequently acquired by the French group ETAM in 2018.

The Group employed in excess of 300 people across four countries.

Latest Developments:
Further to the divestments by the Fargo Group from its various businesses, Fargo Services (HK) Ltd now act as consultants and senior advisors to some of its former subsidiaries. In addition, Fargo Services act as consultants and/or agents for various French and European companies in the fields of infrastructure, architecture and documents security in Hong Kong and the region.
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