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Far East Lockers, a subsidiary of the Fargo Group of Companies, first introduced electronic luggage lockers in the Far East region in 1994 with the help of the French company Logibag S.A., a leading company in the supply of computer-controlled luggage lockers.

The company is now marketing, installing and operating the Logibag (also known as Mors) computer-controlled luggage lockers at ferry terminals, railway stations, airports, shopping malls and other high traffic locations in Hong Kong and throughout the region. Subsidiaries in Singapore and China have been set-up to ensure technical support and quality service for our clients.

The FRS System, a new range of lighter electronic lockers suitable for theme parks, entertainment centres, sport venues, museums and other public or semi-public areas, was designed and developed by Far East Lockers. The FRS lockers were specifically designed to meet most venues’ requirements in terms of security, management flexibility and cost-effectiveness which traditional key lockers and manned storage services can no longer offer.

Far East Lockers is constantly looking for ways to provide innovative solutions for storage facilities that ensure protection of the personal belongings deposited by visitors and offer easy management for locker operators.

More recently Far East Lockers has developed a computer operated mail box system. Another refinement branded “Graphitronic mail box” offers to real estates developers landscaped sets of mail boxes.

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