With its head office in Shanghai and regional offices in Shenzhen, Kunming and Beijing, Fargo Marketing Services’ sales engineers and after-sales technicians travel all over China. This has enabled us to sell and service over US$300 Million worth of equipment, spare parts and industrial supplies over the last 10 years. The products and services, mainly of European origin, are sold to the following Chinese industries:

  • Aluminum casting equipment: FMS won the contracts for aluminum melting, holding, in-line treatment, casting and heat treatment equipment.
  • Agro food ingredients and equipment: FMS has been involved in agro food industry for more than 10 years, supplying European equipment and additives to the Chinese food and beverage industry.
  • Hazardous waste incineration: FMS won the first contract of imported equipment in China with an incineration plant for eliminating hospital waste to meet the booming demand after S.A.R.S. in China.
  • Laser technologies: FMS introduced the technology and equipment widely applied in the cigarette paper industry, mould repair, jewelry and medical industries.
  • Printing presses: FMS has successfully built up sound market share for tobacco pack printing press machines such as rotogravure, rotary die cutting, hot stamping machines, silkscreen printing, security printing, hologram optical security, tools, spares and supplies.
  • Cigarette making and measurement: FMS provides laser perforation machines, quality measurement instruments and materials like cigarette paper, adhesives, tear tapes etc. with sound market share.
  • Industrial sourcing: Local integration and demand from our European clients for cost competitiveness as well as high quality has led us to set up an industrial sourcing department. Our engineers are trained to qualify Chinese subcontractors and component suppliers for both local projects and export.
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