1. Q: How much to charge for storing the luggage for 1 day?
A: Please find the price details from here: http://www.fargogroup.com/fareast_lockerr.aspx
2. Q: What is the size of locker?

Please find the size details from here: http://www.fargogroup.com/fareast_lockerr.aspx

3. Q: Is it big enough for large suitcase?


4. Q: What can I do if the locker is not big enough for my luggage?

For the luggage which is too big for the locker, we can keep it in our shop at Hong Kong International Airport.

5. Q: What is the maximum rental period of each locker?

30 days.

6. Q: What will happen to the locker if the luggage have been stored for over 12 hours, 24 hours or 1 week?

If the rental period is not more than 30 days. The locker´┐Żs door will keep closed until you claim back your luggage and pay the overdue charge. If the rental period is more than 30 days, Far East Locker /Manager may, without prior notice to the hirer, open the Locker and remove the Items. The Items will only be returned to the hirer after rental fee and administrative charge had been paid.




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