The Logibag Computer-controlled Electronic Locker System was developed in the late 80s in France following the rise in terrorists attacks in Europe. It was designed specifically to fulfill British Rail and French National Railways security requirements.

Over 35,000 computer-controlled lockers have been installed since then in Airports, Railway Stations, Ferry, Bus Terminals and Shopping Centres on more than 280 sites in 18 countries.

Recently lockers have been installed in Haneda (Asia’s largest airport for passenger traffic), Singapore Changi, Denver, San Francisco and Amsterdam Schipohl airports.

The LOGIBAG concept

Each locker is electronically controlled, equipped with electro-mechanical locks and electronic sensors, and connected to a control module.

A control module comprises of a power supply -including back-up batteries-, a CPU, an interface board, a large backlit LCD display and a keypad.

On request
  • Coins (one country)
  • Multi-currency (several countries)
  • Credit cards
  • Pre-paid microchips or magnetic cards
  • Tokens
  • Bank notes

    A control module can control several frames of lockers. The central unit records all operations performed on the installation and signals alarms. All control modules in an installation can be connected together as a network, and then to a remote management system comprising a local or remote server. The remote server will allow remote monitoring of the installations and financial statistics of an installation can be obtained at a location (i.e. head office) far away from the lockers themselves.

    The Logibag remote management system allows to centrally control large installations spread over several locations in a building.

    Logibag offers unique customer, management and security features unrivalled by any locker or other left luggage system.

    Instructions are displayed on a large LCD screens equipped with soft keys. The user selects the language of instruction, which will be used for all prompt menus and on the rental ticket: multiple languages, including non-alphabetical based languages can be used.


    The system offers different levels of access to the units for management purpose: customer service, security, cash collection, pricing, maintenance.

    Each staff is assigned a different access code (with different levels of access) and each operation performed is recorded together with that code by the unit;

    A Macintosh Computer connected to the installation also records all operations, including payment of each single coin to the system.

    The computer allows easy set-up and change of pricing, rental duration, employee access codes.

    New units can always be plugged-in to an existing installation. They become part of the network instantaneously.

    Maintenance is simplified thanks to maintenance menus and programs on the unit. Anomalies appear on the control computer.
  • Each single operation is recorded by the unit and by the computer, together with the date and time; this system proves to be the strongest deterrent to unlawful usage of lockers.
  • The unit is equipped with a full system automatic battery back-up offering a minimum of 4 hours use in case of power failure and all data are safe even after long power cut.
  • Lockers are vandalism proof (as they were designed for British and French railway stations).
  • Emergency features allow instantaneous opening of lockers in particular areas or of the entire installation for quick checks.

    All alarms (there are several sensors on lockers and control modules) appear on the control computer.

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Bus stations
  • High Traffic locations
  • Shopping Centres, etc...
    For further information about the operation of the Logibag lockers specifications; you may download our ready-to-print product brochure as a .pdf file : in English
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