An innovative and simple solution to storage facilities, the FRS Electronic Locker System was designed specifically for amusement parks, entertainment centres, sport venues, clubs, shopping malls and other public and semi-public areas. FRS electronic lockers are ideal in locations where visitors need to store personal belongings in a safe place for a short period of time.

The Concept

FRS security lockers are electronically controlled by a central unit which records all customer transactions and operations performed by the staff. The customers are the only ones handling their belongings, increasing their perception of security while minimizing the operational costs by reducing human interventions. The system is user-friendly and uses no key but a choice or combination of different and convenient activation modes.


  • Amusement parks
  • Entertainment centres
  • Sport venues
  • Clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Schools, colleges, Universities
  • Staff rooms
  • Railway stations


    User-Friendly :

    Instructions for use are displayed on screen in 2 languages : English and any other language including non-alphabetical languages.
    Choice of different activation modes:
  • Ticket with 6-digits confidential code
  • Ticket with confidential code.
  • Self-selected 6-digits code without ticket
    Choice of payment options:
  • By coins
  • By tokens
  • Prepaid cash card
    Free of charge operations
    Flexibility for the locker operator
    The following functions are available:
  • Locker inspection
  • Duplication of the ticket with confidential code
  • Enabling /disabling lockers
  • Locker status verification : occupied/free/disabled
  • Emergency opening of the lockers
  • Print-out of locker daily rental report
  • Print-out of the total cash inside the cash box
    Flexibility in setting the pricing and rental duration.
    Choice of payment options:
  • The lockers are fitted with local electronic built-in alarms which are triggered in case of break-in attempts or vandalism.
  • Customer transactions and operations performed by the personnel are recorded and can be printed out.
  • A battery back-up will switch on automatically in case of power failure, and can last up to 4 hours. Data are safe even in case of long power cuts..
  • Cash collections are monitored and an accounting status ticket can be printed at any time.
    Acrobat .pdf file of the user manual : in English
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